How It Works

Welcome! Back to Joy is a nutritional healing and neural retraining program to help you overcome anxiety and depression. Our books, audios, videos, checklists, and recipes will guide you through tangible steps to get your body and mind on the path to healing in 6 weeks!

Here’s what a full week on the Back to Joy Program looks like


The Back to Joy book includes a general introduction followed by one chapter for each of the 6 weeks of the program. Your first step each week is to read the corresponding chapter!

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We have recorded audios to accompany each week. These audios provide extra information, go into details, and answer questions that may not be included in the book.

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Our resident nutritionist, Mary, recorded videos to accompany each week as well. These short clips provide motivation and details on specific weekly topics as they’re covered in the book like diet, hero mindset, cold therapy, and more!

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You will receive a Daily Checklist with boxes to check off the tasks laid out in the program like our daily neural retraining and nature exercises. Each week the checklist will get a little longer as you develop more healing and joy bringing habits.

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We’ve included a comprehensive meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snack recipes for EVERY day of the program in a convenient recipe calendar. Each week even comes with a shopping list! These recipes are designed to nourish your body so it is free to heal and naturally produce feel-good hormones. Does cooking seem overwhelming? If so, Back to Joy members get a discount on Captain Soup prepared meals that are 100% compliant with our program.

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Ready to claim your JOY?

If you’re ready to start on the path to joy and happiness, you’ve come to the right place.