Nutritionist | CNC, CGP

For 12 years, Mary faced a disabling illness. The Back to Joy program is a result of this illness, which has been healed and permanently replaced by JOY - something Mary wants for all her patients.

After overcoming anxiety, depression, and fear, Madeline now hopes to share her revelations with the world, bringing joy to those without and sharing her experiences with the goal of helping improve the lives of people everywhere.

Alex is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner passionate about getting people back in touch with their bodies ’ innate wisdom and unlocking their energy and joy.

Licensed Counselor and Nutritionist

After overcoming her own severe health issues, Jen now has a passion for helping inspire others to reclaim their wellbeing and inner joy.

Functional Nutritionist, NTP, and Certified Life Coach

Courtney’s passion for this work stems from her own remarkable healing journey. When you work with her you will soon see that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!