Alex Lonnquist: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Alex Lonnquist


Alex Lonnquist is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. Alex focuses on designing a holistic plan to support each client’s individual health needs using diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. He specializes in low-carb diets such as the carnivore diet. He is knowledgeable in helping clients implement lifestyle practices to balance immune and nervous system dysfunction. Alex overcame his own serious health issues including chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, and severe anxiety, and is devoted to helping others heal and reverse their own illnesses. Alex uses several different dietary strategies including carnivore, ketogenic, fasting protocols, GAPS, lectin-free, low oxalate, and low histamine. He is passionate about getting people back in touch with their bodies ’ innate wisdom and unlocking their energy and joy.