Ann Schmidt: Psychotherapist | MSW, LCSW

Ann Schmidt

Psychotherapist | MSW, LCSW

Although I was a happy and peaceful child, I struggled with health. I was regularly fed packaged food full of wheat, corn, soy and sugar, given antibiotics each time I was sick, had chronic ear infections and surgeries and I experienced physical symptoms of anxiety and sleep disturbances.

Once in college my physical health remained poor, my anxiety and sleep disturbances worsened and this lead to states of depression. Trying to find an answer to my maladies I became a strict vegetarian and began practicing Yoga and meditation. Although I still experienced chronic infections and some anxiety symptoms, this diet and lifestyle change helped enough that my day to day life improved enabling me to finish both my bachelorโ€™s and masterโ€™s degree, marry and start a family.

I loved being a mother but the stress, lack of sleep and frequent colds and flus caused my health and anxiety to worsen. I was still able to manage it all until the Spring of 2012 when I gave birth to my second child 3 weeks after my mother died of cancer.ย  I had spent the past year pregnant while also caring for my mom through her devastating illness, working, parenting a toddler and trying to manage my own health. The years that followed were full of grief, stress, extreme exhaustion and declining health.

A few years later through a series of serendipitous events I met Mary and she became my nutritional counselor as well as a dear friend and colleague. With Maryโ€™s encouragement, I decided to move across the country to work alongside her and start a new life in Oregon. Once in Oregon I adopted a more simple life. I surrounded myself with the beautiful mountains, fresh air, clean water, resumed Yoga and meditation and I started on a low carb diet rather than the vegetarian and sometimes vegan high carbohydrate diet that I had been on. Lowering my carbs and feeding my brain and nervous system high quality animal protein and fat made a huge difference in all areas of my physical and emotional health.

I lost 15lbs of inflammation, my PMS lifted, my menstrual cycle lightened, my sleep improved, my digestion improved and all of my anxiety and depression symptoms disappeared. The change was so drastic and happened so quickly that I changed my private psychotherapy practice to incorporate diet and lifestyle suggestions.

Excited to help empower others, Mary and I opened a clinic together intentionally combining the transformative healing power of trauma resolution, brain retraining work and nutritional counseling, and it has been a huge success. The transformations in our clients have been so profound that we decided to put together this program in the hope to reach many more people who are needlessly suffering and show them that peace, health and Joy are possible!

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