Madeline Thomas sitting on a tropical beach surrounded by greenery

Madeline Thomas

Whoever said “Behind every great man is a great woman” must have been standing in front of Madeline Thomas. A natural born leader, Madeline fearlessly leads a small business full of dedicated employees in a heavily male dominated industry. What has led to her success despite the odds? Her shield of positivity and nonreaction. She giggles in the face of those who challenge her acumen while she climbs up another ring on the success ladder. The triumvirate of mind, body and soul manifest in Madeline in ways reminiscent of Cleopatra, riding through the pantheon of life on a chariot pulled by two bull mastiffs, her fiance a modern day Marc Anthony.

However, the beacon of joy that is Madeline Thomas was not always such. No, even Michaelangelo’s David had some rough edges that needed chiseled. For years Madeline struggled to find a diet that gave her the results she wanted. Anxiety, depression, and fear fought for domain over Madeline’s life, leaving her professional and interpersonal relationships suffering. As one might wander through the desert full of temptation, so too did Madeline wander through life, tempted by pursuits of the flesh such as junk food, and alcohol.

Thankfully, as the dove brought Noah an olive branch, the other members of Back to Joy brought Madeline the hope she needed to break through the fog that had blanketed her happiness.

It took Sidharta 7 years sitting under an apple tree to find enlightenment, and after years of searching Madeline had her moment of enlightenment: the divine providence of true lasting happiness and health that only comes from a program such as this. Madeline hopes to share her revelations with the world, bringing joy to those without and sharing her experiences with the goal of helping improve the lives of people everywhere.